Learn the Language 

You don’t have to earn a cosmetology license, but it helps if you’re on the same page with some of the most commonly used hair color lingo. Here are a few to get you started:
Highlights: Lightening select strands in the hair with hair color or lightener.

Balayage: Hand-painting highlights in areas where the hair would lighten naturally from exposure to the sun or over time.

Ombré: Creating hair color on the ends that contrasts dramatically with the rest of the hair.

Sombré: Creating hair color on the ends that contrasts more subtly with the rest of the hair.

Color Melt: Combining multiple shades in one hair color design, and blending them so they melt together seamlessly, without visible lines of transition. It’s a technique that makes literally any hair color look like it ~could~ have happened naturally. Melting blends the highlights with the base color. 

Single Process: Any hair color service that is done in one step, such as permanent color that lifts and deposits

Retouch: Adding color to newly-grown hair in order to match the existing color.
Glaze: Using a demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair color to enhance, enrich, change, match, tone down or intensify natural or color-treated hair while harmonizing contrast.

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Derek Donovan

Having built a reputation over the past 11 years as one of the area’s top hair stylists,Derek Donovan embarked on a venture this summer to fulfill a long-held dream by opening his own state-of-the-art salon, Derek. Just walking in the front door of the salon, located in the heart of historic Burns Court, gives a sense of Donovan’s priorities and philosophy. Featuring a dramatic spiral staircase, circular loft, and rooftop terrace, the space is uniquely beautiful, but the stylists and the work they are doing take center stage. Donovan believes strongly in couture style and sustainable beauty, and Derek exclusively carries the Davines line of sustainable and zero impact hair products from Italy.

  Known for his technical expertise and the artistry of his precision cuts-whether the style is classic or trending-Donovan believes in sharing his knowledge with his clients and all local stylists, placing a strong emphasis on education. Using the upstairs loft area for classes, and offering them online, his goal is to build a team of top stylists and elevate the industry here to the next level.

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Matthew Delmonte 

  Matthew began his formal training with Redken NY in 2011. His career really grew wings when he received a scholarship to Aveda Advanced Colour in Toronto. Educated by Ray Civello (Collega CEO) and Tristin Morrison (senior creative director Aveda Canada). Matthew credits much of his skill to the Aveda Canada creative team. 

  A skilled oil painter with a passion for color theory,hair colour became his focus. His inspiration stems from multiple areas of art,design and architecture. 

  Matthew specializes in blonding and special events. Consistency, precision and attention to detail, Matthew strives to leave his mark on the hair industry.

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Bianca Gover

A graduate of the Tampa Aveda Institute and of the Aveda Masters program Bianca is a master of color. Specializing in current techniques and trends such as balayage, color melting vivids and hair painting creative expression is her specialty.

Her love of color stems from her ability to think outside the box and express herself creatively through hair.

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Michelle Bell


Michelle Bell is a veteran of the hair industry with over 14 years of experience. Born and raised in Sarasota, Florida her career began.

  To Stay up to date on latest trends in the industry, Michelle continued her education in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. There she got extensive training under some of the top hairstylists in the industry. She has a true passion for curating styles that are not only current and on trend, but designed to suit ones individual needs.

  Michelle has an eye for detail and a gift for listening to her clients hair needs and concerns.
She specializes in Hair Coloring, Cutting, Styling, Keratin Smoothing Treatments, and Event/Bridal hair.

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Scott Gregory Bell


  Scott grew up in the beauty industry.  His parents owned and operated several Merle Norman Studios, women’s clothing boutiques and Nail Salons up in Michigan. Scott worked in healthcare through high school and college as a CNA doing patient care.  To this day he can see the impact that those early years have had on his approach to communicating, understanding, and compassion toward his clients and everyone else that he comes in contact with!

  In his 20’s he decided to go to beauty school and learn the trade he had grown up in and had been fascinated with. Learning early on education meant power & knowledge. Scott attended many advanced haircutting, styling and, his favorite, coloring classes across the USA and over seas.  He has learned the French haircutting system and has studied in depth, haircoloring and highlighting.   He always gives his clients his very best.  Focusing on what not only looks great but also works with each client.  Scott Gregory Bell says, “there are many great colors and cuts out there, but what works for you is what my career is based upon.”  His approach to Hair goes beyond fads and trends, like shadows they come and go. True Fashion is timeless, natural, or close to it.. it never goes out of style!  Scott’s Buzz Words??   Listen, listen listen then recommend!

  When he does your hair,  Scott always says, “we are a team, we do your hair together” Its all about you and putting that smile back on your face when you look at yourself in the mirror!

..and be prepared to have fun! Scott can’t do this without laughter and making you forget about the heaviness of life!

  Clients leave Scotts chair and say, “I look amazing on the outside and I feel amazing on the inside..its more than a hair appointment its lifestyle!

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John Paul Lauricella 

  John Paul Lauricella from Capello Salons, has brought his passion in haircutting,styling, and color to sunny Florida in downtown Sarasota.

  John Paul started out his career in his family business as a style/color specialist. Since 1970 Capello Salons is and continues to be the top salon in WNY. Luckily for downtown Sarasota, you can now find the same exceptional service here.

  John Paul is now reunited with Derek Donavan at Derek the salon located at 6105 Pinapple Ave. These two extraordinary talented men, take pride in providing exceptional service. Together, they are a motivated team and you will not find top notch service anywhere else. 

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